We offer pine pellet for sale from our production plant. To produce pellet we only use pine feedstock that comes from our own sawmill. Buying pellet LAPWOOD ECONOMY you have guarantee that the product is 100% natural.


To produce pellet we only use pine feedstock that is derived from our own sawmill.
Pellet is made from sawdust and pine groundwood.


The quality of our pellet is tested in two independent laboratories:

  • Materials Testing Laboratory in Lublin

  • University of Agriculture in Krakow

Moreover, we carry out the current control of our product in the field of:

  • bulk density

  • humidity

  • mechanical resistance

  • loose grain size

  • the temperature of finished product


We have a modern production line of 6 mm pine pellet.

The production is in 100% based on our own feedstock (sawdust and pine groundwood).

It is a multistage manufacturing process:

  • infeed of the feedstock

  • milling and mixing of sawdust and groundwood

  • drying of milled feedstock to 8-9% of humidity

  • conditioning of dried feedstock

  • granulating; dry feedstock is displaced through the template where it is compressed and included in it lignin merges dry feedstock into 6mm stick; the whole process happens due to pressure and temperature

  • cooling of finished product

  • packing

We produce 6mm pine pellet in our own manufacturing plant. Our pellet is in 100% made from our feedstock that comes from sawing of pine wood S2B.


The standard packaging is polythene sack which contains 15 kg of pellet.

We also offer pellet in big – bags (1000 kg).


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